Space. There never seems to be enough of it in today’s modern homes, apartments or condo units. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married with kids. It’s always a big challenge to create space at home and still have a place for everything.


The good news is that there are plenty of space-saving furniture that you can bring into your living space. Here are three examples:








  1. Adjustable Shelves

Some apartments or condos won’t allow you to add shelves to the walls, so you’re limited to pre-made ones. However, instead of buying a solid bookshelf or display case, there are now shelves that can be adjusted and expanded based on two things: the space it will occupy and how much you’re going to store. This interesting piece is good for storing not only books but also children’s toys and other knick knacks. These adjustable shelves can be made of wood or mixed materials.








  1. Expanding Dining Tables

Have guests coming over for dinner? Space at the dining table shouldn’t be a problem when you have an expanding table. This is actually not a new concept since restaurants have been using them for a long time. You can have a four-seater and be able to expand it to accommodate 6 or 8 people. Again, this depends on how much space you have. You can have this kind of table custom-made when you buy furniture in Singapore. Most of these tables are made of wood, but you can ask the furniture maker for various designs and styles to fit your home’s interiors.








  1. Invisible Shoe Cabinets

There is never enough space for shoes and slippers! The space under the stairs can be transformed into an invisible shoe cabinet. The best ones slide out to reveal several rows of shelves which can hold shoes, slippers, boots and other footwear. This kind of furniture though has to be customized to your space. This is ideal for large or growing families since this will keep your homeĀ  from having too many pairs of shoes scattered all over.



With living spaces becoming smaller and smaller, it is important to look at the space you have and think of an efficient way to utilize it. Apart from the three mentioned above, you can also check out space-saving beds and tables or couches with hidden storage compartments. These things are wonders of ingenuity and creativity!