Getting your co-workers to get together and bond – without killing each other,  is no walk in the park. However, this may form a long-lasting and meaningful work relationship. With a little bit of creativity and effort, team bonding exercises can be done without casualty. Check out these five creative ways for an unforgettable team building in Singapore:


  1. Paintball

paintballPaintball is one of the most popular and common activities for team building. The game would split your team into two. Each team needs to watch their back and to avoid getting shot with paintball by the other team. It’s great for team bonding because it requires everyone to collaborate, communicate and build strategies, all while sneaking and taking cover from the opposing team.


  1. Community Service

park_clean_photo_thumbParticipating in a community service is a great way to contribute and give back to society while also keeping your co-workers closer than ever. Pick a cause everyone in your company is passionate about and reflects the company values the most. Spend a few hours of a workday per week to work on that cause together with your employees. It could be practically anything, from fixing the public toilet or cleaning up the beach.


  1. Art Jamming

1337828490179Art jamming is basically a relaxing freestyle painting experience, where everyone gets together and paints something on a canvas. Each person is equipped with a canvas to work on, and free to let loose whatever they have in their creative minds. Art jamming is one of the ways for company staff to bond and explore each other’s creativity, talent, and personality, among other things. Check out some opportunities to art jam in Singapore.


  1. Zombie Escape

great-zombie-escape-2383If you want to add more fun and adventure in an intense way, organize a Zombie Escape game at your company’s conference room (make sure it’s large enough, or rent a hall for a few hours). Before game day, choose who would play as zombies and who would play as humans. Next, create puzzles, riddles and other challenges in the room. Decorate the room as scary and dark as possible to make it harder. This game bonds your team by making them collaborate and solve problems creatively.


  1. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the easiest ways to organize team building, since it requires your team to collaborate by finding clues and solving riddles. Hide a treasure in the office, and divide your employees into teams. Provide each with maps, enigmas, and other fun clues. May the best wins.


It may take a while for everyone in your team to bond and create a long-lasting relationship. If done properly, team building exercises will help them work well together, and in more productive and effective ways than ever before.