The strength of your hair fibers depends on several factors. If the reason of your hair loss is your lifestyle instead of genetic aspect, this post is for you. According to Boca Raton-based hair transplant surgeon Alan Baumann, those lifestyle habits boil down from what you eat down to how you style your hair.

If you have been looking for ways to treat hair fall, it could help to know first the habits that are causing you to have such hair problem. Take note of these 5 biggest hair fall-causing compulsions so you can fight shy of them next time.

  1. Taking excessive supplements– are you on retinoids to treat skin problems? If you notice hair loss during the medication, better stop it because it is an ongoing reaction in the case of retinoid medications. This kind of supplement is one of those that causes a spike in your vitamin A levels and as we know it, anything excessive is bad. The treatment for female pattern baldness is more tedious than treating skin issues.dietary supplements
  2. Going on crash diets– believe it or not, starving yourself greatly affects the quality of your hair strands. When you restrict yourself to certain foods, you will not get enough vitamins and minerals you need for your locks to become strong.
  3. Using hairsprays and gel products too often– these kinds of products causes the hair to become too dry because of their alcohol content, that when you brush it, it just falls out. Lessen the use of hairsprays or setting gels but if you want to save your mane from toxins, do not use these products at all.zote loki
  4. Sporting tight ponytails– many people cannot step out without styling their hair, so you would see women doing complicated braids and wearing hairstyles using a ponytail. If you’re one of them, don’t make it too tight or else it will damage your hair follicles. Loosen up as much as possible, especially when you sleep.
  5. Not washing off the scalp– when the scalp is unclean, it becomes a ground for many inflammatory conditions. To keep away from such condition, regularly and properly wash your hair and scalp.Washing off the scalp and keep scalp clean to avoid female pattern baldness

Have you tried reversing these bad habits so you can be free from hair fall? Go the natural way as much as possible. Avoid chemicals and toxins so you can achieve healthy-looking locks in no time.