Visiting a hot tropical climate region or living in hot and moist climate has many people wondering about how to unter the disastrous effect of humidity on their hair. High levels of moisture in the atmosphere cause straight hair to frizz, curls to drop and locks become bushy and untamable. This kind of climatic conditions warrants you to have a hat on at all times.

However, you can counteract the unfortunate outcome of your hair getting into contact with warm and moist hair. The following are simple ways you can care for your hair in hot and moist climates.


  1. Moisturize

To protect your hair from the harsh effects of flopping and frizzing, ensure that you moisturize it daily. You can deep condition your hair to nourish and restore any damage tresses in a humid climate.

  1. Air Dry

Even though blow drying hair has numerous benefits, it is not advisable to do it when you are dealing with a humid climate. Blow drying dehydrates your locks, which is the last thing you want. Instead, air dry your hair.


  1. Silicone Balm

Applying silicone based hair balms works wonders in hot and humid weather. These balms coat your hair strands to lock in natural moisture and prevent humidity in the air from interfering. Do not use too much at once as it will leave your hair heavy.

  1. Leave-In Treatment

Getting a good leave-in conditioning treatment once a week will help you restore any moisture lost from your hair. Since this kind of hair and scalp treatment does not need rinsing out, you will not expose your hair to water’s stripping effects.


5. Hair Ties

If high humidity defeats your carefully worked out plan, you can always tie up your hair. Always leave the house with hair ties and clips to tame your locks when humidity threatens to wreck your style.

To care for your hair well in hot and humid climates, try out any of the above hair and scalp treatment tips to find the one that will work best for your hair. This way, you will always have a head of not only good looking but also healthy hair.