There are plenty of group activities that companies can do to promote productivity and encourage teamwork at the office, and one of them being indoor games. Check out these six engaging indoor games you can throw at your office to encourage teamwork and increase employee productivity:paddedimage700600-Xtreme-Forest-Adventure-Treasure-Hunt-9

  1. The Office Treasure Hunt This is one of the most classic indoor games at the office, and is especially perfect for large offices with multiple departments and levels. This game also helps your new employees to get to know their surroundings and familiarize themselves around the office. Break your employees into small groups and guide them with clues that lead to the treasure.news_1366868923
  2. Guess Who This is a great way for new employees to know more about their colleagues. Divide your workers into two small teams. Write the names of all your employees and put half of them in a box, and the rest in another box. Give each box to each team. Each team will take turn guessing the name of the worker by having his or her job scopes being described aloud.p1aj5cu4un3o2lqi10621or7j8e3
  3. Office Trivia Divide everyone into small teams and choose three major topics such as Art, Science, or Entertainment. There will be three rounds in the game, with five questions for each round. Groups can discuss with each other when finding out the answers, and appoint a team leader to answer the questions. Make the game more fun by giving a time.b7e26b32-cc2d-4824-b696-4d5e96d682be0f440d7d-2161-41a9-a99a-b35ae01d7f7c
  4. The Amazing Race Also another way for new employees to familiarize themselves around the office, the indoor game requires your employees to be divided into groups, be given clues and get from Point A to Point B before they reach the final destination. The group that arrives first is the winner.hqdefault
  5. Kill The Vampire Have an employee become the Master Vampire and turn off the lights in the office, leaving only a few on for some visibility. The Master Vampire will capture anyone who lets their guard down and turn them into vampires. The remaining group who are still ‘human’ and manages to kill the Master Vampire wins.Great-Zombie-Escape-2383
  6. Zombie Escape Divide half of your employees and make them zombies, while the others as humans. Build some barriers in the office and have the human groups escape the office, without getting caught or bitten by the zombies.

To encourage teamwork at the office, find ideas on facilitated group activities and plan accordingly. If you choose the right group activity, not only will you encourage teamwork and increase employee productivity at the office, everyone will have the chance to build meaningful relationships with each other and enjoy being at work even more.