A New Mom's Guide to Feeling Attractive Post Partum

You’ve prepared for the arrival of your baby months before you gave birth: the nursery, the clothes, the diapers, the toys – you didn’t miss a thing. Nothing was amiss, except you forgot all about yourself. You forgot the fact that when your baby arrives, you practically won’t have the time to do stuff you did before. Your weekly pamper time or your monthly visit to the salon would have to be put on the backburner for now.


So how do you stay attractive while trying to manage a growing little one? How do you look your best when you can hardly find the time? Here’s a guide that can help you out.

Step 1: Streamline Your Beauty Regimen 

Don’t totally disregard your beauty regimen. Some beauty routines can quickly and easily be inserted into your already filled-up schedule. For instance, don’t forget to clean and moisturize your face at night. You can do this immediately after the baby falls asleep. A quick ten to fifteen-minute skin care regimen would be enough.

Say goodbye to long make-up sessions when going out, but don’t completely disregard touch-ups either. You may not have noticed it, but you might already have eye bags for not having enough sleep, or your skin may not be looking that great. You could learn how to quickly put make-up on your face by studying tutorial videos online. They can teach you a lot about making yourself look gorgeous in a span of a few minutes.


Step 2: Lose the Extra Pounds You Gained  

The best way to look attractive after pregnancy is by getting back to your original body before you got pregnant. There would surely be some extra inches here and there that you would want to get rid of. You can consider taking care of your child as an additional exercise, but you must not forget to actually workout. A short workout routine of ten to twenty minutes a day can do the trick to help you lose those extra pounds. Don’t be too hard on your body, though, since you just gave birth to another human being. You can be fit and fab with the aid of selected cardio exercises and even yoga.

Lose the Extra Pounds You Gained


Step 3: Get Rid of that Awful Cellulite 

When you gained weight during pregnancy, chances are you have also gained the most unwanted fat deposit of all – cellulite. The trick to getting rid of it is by exercising and using the best cellulite cream. Like any other routine, this must be done regularly.


Step 4: Take Care of Your Health 

A healthier body looks and feels better than an unhealthy one. If you’re unhealthy, you can easily get stressed, which will reflect on your face and your body. When you’re healthy, your skin would be naturally radiant. Also, eating healthy can help you raise your child better as you will be more active and can produce enough breast milk (if you’re breastfeeding).


Step 5: Choose your Wardrobe Carefully 

Because you can’t just easily get your slim body back, some wardrobe tricks will help you achieve that sexy look. For instance, wearing black or something with vertical stripes will make you look thinner.


The key to looking attractive postpartum is by not neglecting yourself. The tendency of most new moms is to focus too much of their time and energy on their babies. Giving yourself a short break once or twice a day is enough for you to be mindful of your physical, emotional and mental health. Combined with the steps outlined above, you are on your way to looking like a gorgeous mom.