Could you be a big fan of some juicy, crunchy and yummy snacks? If you are, Singapore has a lot in store for you where you can check in anytime for a bunch of juicy snacks which you can munch on your way to work, save for a lover or friend, or even take away with you home. And because Singapore is heavily swamped with a ton of snacks of different types, this simple guide makes it easy for you and brings you a summary of the very best and on-demand bunch of juicy Singapore snacks to take away home every time you’re in Singapore.


#1 Kaya Toast


Nothing starts a glorious day without first being served with an insanely delicious meal of Kaya Toast in the morning. Many people if asked would rather enjoy a soothing piece of crisp Kaya Toast tucked with a thick slab of butter every day, way more than any other snack. This increasingly popular Singaporean all day breakfast goes particularly well when served with a toast, a set of two eggs, and a cup of tea or coffee in whichever combination that suits you best.


#2 Epok-Epok


Also another huge popular snack among the locals, Epok-Epok is simply the Malay version of the English pastry. Chinese people love it in egg filled with curry puffs, and the Indians love it when served in flaky orange karipap. But for the Singaporeans, many of them prefer this cool snack when filled with sardines or curried potatoes—also a brilliant way to stop the hunger cravings all the time!



#3 Youtiao


You know that lovely smell that one experiences after unwrapping white paper bags packed with fried dough sticks, bread and sesame cullers? That’s the kind of refreshing and teasing aroma one gets every time you’re about to enjoy your glorious piece of Youtiao. Anytime you’d ever need an excuse to eat fried dough, always go for this healthy snack. It’s super-delicious all the way!



#4 Muruku


The best part of being part of a mixed society is the easiness that one experiences when trying out other people’s culture yummy snacks! Most Singaporeans love the South Indian “Muruku” crisps specifically because of its fresh fragrance, creaminess and satisfying crunch.




#5 Chwee Kueh


Super-greasy and creamy-rice cakes topped with radish and a side of chili. Surely, what’s not to like? If you’d like to enjoy a cool refreshing breakfast anytime, this snack in particular is a good option all the time. Before it used to be an every day breakfast of the Coolies—the people who built Singapore city.




#6 Kueh

various nonya kueh kueh 2

And lastly, although you may find Kueh snacks in great varieties and from different kinds of flavours around Singapore, it doesn’t really matter which Kueh is super-delicious than the other—they are all super-cool—and in every mouthful you take will make you beg for more!




All in all, above is a quick guide you can check anytime you want to grab or hunt for some hot bunch of healthy Singapore snacks to take away home. All of them are insanely delicious, packed with essential vitamins, and will definitely alleviate all the hunger cravings whenever they strike. Every time you’re around Singapore, use this handy guide all the time to ensure all your favourite snacks are close at hand–when you need them. Many Singaporean locals have grown up with these yummy snacks and have never turned their back on them, we fear you might follow suit too!