Anyone is able to maintain beautiful skin in a dryer climate. Simply make sure you moisturize and you’re good to go. However, with the higher temperatures and humidity of the area, you need some special techniques to make sure you not only look great but feel great as well. With the higher temps and higher humidity, your skin likely sweats a considerable amount. This can result in acne problems as pores begin to clog up. That is why, with the help of Belif Skincare and some of the Hada Labo products available on the market, you can have some of the best skin on the planet.


Exfoliate Twice a Day

You need to exfoliate in the morning and in the evening. As you sweat to keep your body cool, salt can start to develop in and around your pores. If you don’t exfoliate this is going to clog pores, not to mention the dead skin and other dirt you experience throughout the day. It is not enough to just exfoliate the one time when you shower. You need to do it again as well. However, don’t go beyond twice a day. One of the most common problems people run into is they exfoliate too much. With the sweating someone does with the high temps and humidity, they might try to wash their face three or more times a day. This dries out the skin, which in turn results in the skin producing more oil than necessary, resulting in more clogged pores.



Protect Your Skin

Depending where exactly you live in Southeast Asia, you likely are going to have higher temperatures and more contact with sunlight. You need to protect your skin at this time. Make sure to use sunscreen that is waterproof and apply every few hours. This way, you can protect your skin, avoid sun damage and avoid it from running when you sweat. You can also use products like the Nature Republic Aloe Vera to both hydrate your skin and address any burns you might suffer from on occasion.



The Right Outerwear

While not directly related to skincare products, it is important to wear sunglasses at the very least. This helps prevent you from squinting, so you can avoid the development of creases around your eyes. It also protects your eyes as well. If you can, wear a hat to block out more sun from your face as well.



Drink Plenty of Water

Your body runs through water and as you sweat more, you’ll really push through the water. Your skin needs water to maintain a beautiful look. In order to avoid drying out and to help replenish your body, you need to keep water on hand. As long as you have water nearby throughout the day, you shouldn’t have a problem with dry skin.



Light Makeup

Don’t go over the top with your makeup. Due to the high temperatures and humidity, you’ll sweat more and the makeup just blocks moisture in and can cause breakouts throughout the year.