Over the past years, many employees have taken part in parties and trips to feel more relaxed and ward off the negative effects of stress. However, modern ways have entered the scene in terms of company outings. Instead of plain activities like tours or relaxations, playing games and developing bond have emerged as team building activities most companies look forward to.

Promoting leadership skills in the workplace is important for every company. Leadership is not only an innate characteristic, but also, a learned trait that can emerge from leadership activities wherein anyone can engage in. The benefit of teambuilding activities is that they can be applied to all ages, people of all walks of life and various companies.


Business people in circle stacking hands

Benefits Of A Leadership Or Teambuilding Activity

Teambuilding activities can enable people to take an introspective view at themselves. They will be able to see their positive traits rather than the negative ones. Once they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they can be effective leaders in the future.

Leadership trainings are also morale boosters. The activities and exercises the employees will engage in will also promote self-confidence and teamwork.


Teambuilding Ideas In Singapore

There are many ways in which companies can conduct their teambuilding activities. In Singapore alone, there is a wide spectrum of locations that offer teambuilding activities.


  1. Art Jamming

Creativity is also a facet of leadership. This can be boosted through activities like art jamming in Singapore. Arts boosts creativity and art jams offer unique teambuilding activities. Aside from providing a relaxed environment to promote bonding among members, these activities can help promote a special bond among colleagues.


  1. Indoor Sky Diving

Engaging in sky diving team building in Singapore helps employees become relaxed, have fun and eventually, learn more about conquering their fears. Though this activity is done indoors, it can help participants make use of the wind tunnel for a long time.


  1. Scavenger Hunt

This is maybe one of the oldest teambuilding activities but it never lost its magic in promoting team work. A scavenger hunt is a challenge to find specific items within a specific set of boundaries and time. A list of items will be given to each team and the team who finds all of these items first will be declared the winner. This type of activity helps foster teamwork, perseverance and endurance.


  1. Obstacle Courses

This teambuilding activity helps in promoting teamwork. It’s similar to scavenger hunt, the only difference is, instead of the team finding items, each member should finish an obstacle course. The first team to have all members surpass all the stations are declared winners.


  1. Dragon Boat Race

A famous sport in Singapore, the dragon boat race can also become a good teambuilding activity. It promotes leadership and at the same time, team work.


Taking part in a leadership activity gives a person a better sense of teamwork, leadership and unity. Having teambuilding activities does not only help employees to relax and have fun, but also, work as a team. The most important benefit of having teambuilding activities is that it helps the employees hone their qualities, leadership skills and communications skills. When they learn more about leadership, they tend to excel in their chosen field.