No matter your age, there are a number of issues you can experience with your eyes. The eyes are complex organs and must be cared for properly in order for you to have good visual health. The next time you make an appointment at your local eye clinic, ask your doctor about the following conditions.
Astigmatism is a common problem that your eye specialist in Singapore can diagnose and treat. Astigmatism
happens when the cornea is not shaped properly and has a curve. This changes the way that light is reflected off the retina. In some cases, astigmatism can occur when the lens is not shaped correctly. There’s no known cause for astigmatism, but doctors believe that genetics have a lot to do with why people develop this eye problem. Headaches, trouble seeing at night and blurry vision are symptoms of astigmatism, so be sure to tell your eye clinic specialist if you’r experiencing any of these concerns.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are also issues that you should address with your eye specialist in Singapore. These conditioners occur when you’re unable to see things that are close by or far away. There are special glasses lenses that address each of these visual conditions, and being farsighted or nearsighted may be an issue of genetics as well.

If there are floaters in your eye or if you’re suffering from conjunctivitis, your eye doctor can give you the treatment necessary to restore your eye health. An antibacterial eye medicine or eye flushing can remove the infection or foreign objects from your eye and restore your vision.

It’s also a good idea to have your glasses or contact lens prescription renewed regularly. This will help to eliminate eye problems and increase the chances that you’re able to see clearly when you’re wearing your glasses or contacts. After getting an eye exam, you may find that you need a different prescription, especially if you’ve been caring for your eyes by taking a break from the computer screen and eating a balanced diet in between doctor visits.