Image result for Dentist Anxiety Is a Real ThingSingaporeans are very particular about dental hygiene and go to great lengths to avoid dental problems. But unfortunately, unlike wrinkles, teeth problems come unannounced and may lead to dentist anxiety for many people. But fret not, with few regular preventive habits and a good dental clinic in Singapore, you can overcome dentist fear in no time.

Another important aspect associated with dental anxiety is the cost related to dental fixes. If you’ve been living in Singapore for some time, then you already know that most insurance plans don’t cover dental checkups. This means that you have to take special preventive care and find a reliable dental clinic at the earliest, even if you are currently not suffering from any dental problems.

Many things can cause teeth problems. But one particular reason that most tend to ignore is day-to-day stress. For example, teeth grinding is a common effect of stress, leading to gum irritation and mouth blisters and dryness.

The Dental Studio lists down five basic tips to overcome many common oral issues:

  1. Drink lots of water (preferably at room temperature) to avoid mouth dryness at all timesImage result for Drink lots of water
  2. Try to rinse your mouth after every mealImage result for Try to rinse your mouth after every meal
  3. Massage your gums on regular basis (use the tip of your index finger) Image result for woman teeth
  4. Stop eating spicy food if you have mouth blistersImage result for say no to spicy food
  5. Exercise regularly for overall well-being (includes your teeth)Image result for Exercise regularly for overall well-being (includes your teeth)\

No doubt that in Singapore, you have many clinics to choose from. We encourage you to check out the Ministry of Heath website to better understand the average dental fees/services in Singapore (

So make an informed decision and inculcate the five preventive habits to get rid of your dentist anxiety. Visit our expert panels of dentists for more such tips or any other teeth problems.