Many people who deal with hair fall problems may feel powerless to stop their receding hairlines and bald spots from getting worse. For those who want to combat the problem on their own and treat hair loss at home, there are several treatment options available, including topical and dietary remedies.

FoodItemsDietary Remedies
1. Protein-Your body needs protein in order to build more hair cells, so one common home hair loss treatment is to eat more protein. You should eat around 5 servings of protein-rich foods like meat, legumes or dairy products a day to make sure your body receives an adequate amount of protein.

2. Beet Juice-Beets is rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus and potassium that are necessary for scalp health and hair growth. Juicing beets makes it easy to consume a high quantity of these valuable vegetables.

natural beauty_0Topical Remedies
1. Oil Massage-Massaging coconut or other healthy oils into your hair regularly will condition your hair and make it less prone to break. Work the coconut oil gently into your hair from root to tip, then leave it in for an hour before washing it out.

2. Eggs-Eggs can be used to make a protein hair treatment at home. Break an egg into a bowl with a spoonful of olive oil, and beat the egg and oil together thoroughly. Apply the egg conditioner to freshly-washed hair, and then cover your head in plastic wrap or a shower cap to keep the mixture in place for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly after treatment. You may also purchase pre-made protein hair treatments if you would rather not make your own.

3. Indian Gooseberry-This fruit is rich in the important nutrient vitamin C. To apply to the scalp, boil dried indian gooseberries in coconut oil until the oil turns black. Strain this mixture and then massage into your hair like normal coconut oil.

All of these dietary and topical treatments can be combined with changing your lifestyle to reduce stress. Excessive stress levels change the hormonal balance of your body and can lead to hair loss. Although losing hair can be stressful in and of itself, you should try to not let your thinning locks add to your overall stress levels. Taking it easier at work can also reduce stress levels dramatically.