Dining tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture that you must have in your house, so it’s crucial that you shop and choose wisely. Buying the wrong one could cost you money and time.

While you need to consider the shape and size flexibility, comfort level, sturdiness and aesthetic value of your dining table, you also need to consider these essentials when shopping for dining tables:


  1. Hardwood material is often the best

If a wood dining table is what you’re going for, hardwood is the best choice as they’re durable and sturdy; great for long-term investment. The hardwood includes teak, oak, maple, walnut and mahogany.


  1. Avoid thick veneer

Avoid dining tables with thick veneer as they easily fade and feels plastic-y when touched, not to mention cheap-looking.


  1. Have accurate measurements

measuring-tapeMake sure you measure the room and the table as accurate as possible to avoid issues like not being able to fit through the door and the space.




  1. Match table size with space

If you want a cozy feel instead of a cramped up look, don’t put a rectangular dining table in a small space. As a rule of thumb, you must be able to walk around the dining table and chairs (when put into place). A 50-inch space between the walls and the edges of the table should be reserved to allow movement.


  1. Decide on table’s shape

$(KGrHqYOKpMFFytB82nJBRfNr!Uhpw--_32An oval table is best for a smaller dining room to avoid the space from appearing overly crowded. While square tables may work dining areas that are narrow, rectangular ones will take up the most space, therefore requiring a narrow and long space for it to fit nicely.




  1. Consider table’s dimension

Most dining tables come in the standard height range of 20 to 30 inches tall. Comfortable dining tables should leave enough room above your knees and should be the same level as the elbows (when sitting down).


  1. Get a table with leaves to maximise space

If you need a table that can accommodate big parties but have limited space, consider a dining table that comes with leaves. Such tables can be folded and expanded easily as needed.


  1. Consider weather-resistant materials for outdoor

weather-resistant-deck-furnitureIf you’re furnishing an outdoor patio or terrace with a dining table, you should go for the ones with weather-resistant materials. Opt for natural teak (beautiful patina will developed over time due to sun exposure and weathering) and powder-coated steel (which won’t be affected by rust or rain). Make sure you didn’t buy the imitation version.




  1. Flexible coordination

fold-up-table-for-use-as-dining-table-use-comfy-chairs-to-double-as-living-roomGet a dining table that is timeless and can be easily coordinated with spaces. Who knows, if you’re redecorating you won’t have to buy a new one.





  1. Consider seating capacity

Just like the size and the shape, a dining table’s seating capacity is important to determine which one will you need, and makes your shopping a lot easier.


Since dining tables are such a crucial investment, remember to not just shop for its looks; as quality, durability and sturdiness are important too.