DON’T BE CAUGHT IN A TANGLED WEB - 3 Most Common IT Problems and How to Avoid Them


Dysfunctional is becoming a byword in the family of website owners in the Lion City. Panic will set in if your bread and butter depend on the functionality of your website. Interest in your business will dissipate as fast as an impatient customer clicks away from your site. IT issues come and go. That’s why many businesses often get professional IT support in Singapore for that quick remedy.

Doing business on the web is a challenging operation. The exchange of voluminous information and customer interaction are fast and fleeting. The attention span of virtual clients is very short that is why keeping them tuned in longer is a commitment. As a website owner, you do not want a turned-off customer.

You can keep the public interested in your homepage by taking cognizance of IT issues hampering website business owners. Here are the frequent problems.







Your website might be full of broken links and loading errors that are not useful to customers


Your website might be full of broken links and loading errors that are not useful to customers. It gets frustrating for virtual hounds to see multiple error pages in a website. Such is an indication of outdated contents and inferior website quality. There are free online tools in this situation. Use the tools to rectify the errors. Check the presence of broken links regularly and remove all of them diligently.



Apart from being vibrant and responsive, your website should always load properly for the prospective customer. For this, all the servers should be at top condition and no unnecessary load and operations. The images and the videos should also load properly so customers will have access to rich media and get more engaged with your website.







A functioning website will instantly load


A functioning website will instantly load. Since your website is just a grain of sand in the Google beach, chances are you will lose out on business opportunities if your website takes time to load. Check with your hosting company to find out if your site is hosted on a dedicated server. If not, request for this package.


The battle for supremacy has shifted to the cyber world. More and more business owners are bringing commerce inside the virtual coliseum. As a modern-day gladiator, your website is the weapon to compete valiantly.