People from all walks of life will probably experience eye problems at some point during their life. Increased pollution as well as more active life styles have created more incidents of eye issues. Contributing to the rise in eye care issues are longer work hours as well as multiple use of cell phones, smart phones, tablet devices and desk top computers. The extended use of these devices have caused more eye problems for people in today’s society than ever before.


The cure for people who live in Singapore could be as efficient as a visit to the eye centre in Singapore. The eye care professionals in the eye centre in Singapore, are well trained and provide services ranging from eye cleaning to all forms of eye examinations and fitting for eye wear. Many eye care professionals suggest that everyone should have at least one standard eye examination each year. A regular eye check-up can screen for a number of potential eye ailments which could lead to major eye impairments and even blindness.


Eye care professionals suggest the following actions to help people practice eye care maintenance.

1. Visit an eye care professional on a regular basis. The minimum amount of trips to an eye care professional should be at least one a year. If the individual is injured in any way in the area of their eye, they should visit an eye care professional immediately.

2. If one wears glasses or other eye wear products, they should ensure that their prescriptions are up to date. An eye wear prescription can require adjustment as short as a few months of a new fitting. Each person varies based on the degree of use of their eyes. Family history also plays a role with regard to whether eye wear or eye corrective procedures are required for an individual.

3. People should monitor the amount of time that they spend in front of television screens, computer monitors and smart phones and devises. The high definition quality of today’s electronic devices and the varying size of the screens can cause eye strain. Extended use can also cause eye fatigue. People should take regular breaks to rest their eyes and allow their eyes to focus.

4. Sleep is the best remedy for strained and tired eyes. Sleep allows the eyes to rest from constant focusing. Sleep also allows the eyes to moisten properly and reduce any accumulated eye strain.

5. Protective glasses should be worn during all activities that involve possible eye injury. This includes cycling, baseball, golf, tennis and other activities.

6. Wet towels and cold compresses should be placed over a person’s eyes to relieve pain, dryness and tension over the eyes.

7. Eye drops should be used sparingly and only if proper rest is not an ideal option for the person that is experiencing eye distress.

8. People should be aware of heightened pollution alerts and should take the proper precautions to protect themselves from eye distress due to pollen, smog, smoke or even heavy wind.