Looking for a body scrub product to exfoliate? Before you proceed to buy one, make sure that you’re using the right kind of exfoliator that suits your skin type. Using the wrong one will not only ruin the texture of your skin (making it look less appealing, glowing or healthy), it will also harm your skin.


What kind of a body scrub product works best for your skin type? Find out more:


1. Sensitive skin

Got a sensitive skin type? You should definitely avoid physical exfoliators and chemical exfoliation products. Instead, opt for the safest choices such as light powders, like oatmeal and rice. On a side note, you should probably skip on scrubbing your body if your sensitive skin is caused by a medical condition.


2. Aging skin

Sensitive and dry tend to be the trademarks of an older skin, but it should still be scrubbed so that active ingredients can penetrate the skin, and also to encourage the increase of cellular renewal. Opt for products that are not only packed with BHA and AHA acids (like glycolic, lactic, and salicylic), but also chemical exfoliators which are your best bet as they help with improving fine lines that appear on skin.


3. Acne-prone skin

Those with this skin type have inflamed acne lesions, so in order to minimise skin from further irritation, an extra care should be applied when scrubbing. Physical exfoliators that are abrasive and the ones with facial brushes, salt, sugar or harsh grains should be avoided at all cost. Opt for something safe and effective such as products containing BHA and AHA acids. Not only do they help repair your acne scars, they also improve the texture of your skin.


4. Normal-to-dry (combination skin)

You’re considered to be pretty lucky if you have this skin type, as any body scrub of your choice is fine to use. Since you’re less sensitive to scrubbing, you have plenty of options. That said, try a scrubbing particle that’s a medium-grade.


5. Normal-to-oily (combination skin)

Those with this type of skin can either opt for a chemical exfoliator that’s light or a physical exfoliator. You can also try cleansers that contain AHA acid, as they help with preventing clogged pores (due to dead skin cells or oil) and encouraging gentle exfoliation.


6. Dry skin

If you have this type of skin, it’s best to opt for body scrub products that not only provide hydration but also removes dull and dead skin. Products containing the finest grains that come in a lotion texture that’s creamy, or the ones that are honey-based or contain moisturising oils are your best options. Honey-based scrubs are not only perfect for moisturising your skin, they are also great for proper exfoliation as its sticky texture takes and cleans dry and dead skin cells out of your pores.


7. Oily skin

If you have oily skin, a cleansing device or a scrub containing jojoba beads or light granules are your best choices as they help you to avoid damaging your skin and allow you to control the pressure on skin while you scrub.


Most online beauty stores carry these types of body scrub products, so you shouldn’t have trouble looking for one. While some of them might be costly, it beats having to go to a beauty salon on a regular basis, which costs a lot more.