One of the reasons movie stars appear so beautiful is because of their radiant skin. Their faces seem to glow, even when they do not seem to be wearing any makeup at all. While you may feel like having such gorgeous skin is impossible, you can get brighter, more luminous skin in just weeks by following these helpful tips:

healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

  1. Change your diet – Eating certain foods will not give you instantly more beautiful skin, but there are a few edible items that begin to transform your skin over time. First, limit the amount of dairy that you consume because many cow hormones, even included in products like protein bars and salad dressings, can stimulate your oil glands and lead to more acne. Eliminating fatty and carbohydrate-heavy foods, such as French fries, can keep your cells rejuvenated. Adding foods with extra zinc, like some breakfast cereals, can help clear your skin and give you more glow. Other good foods include white meat poultry, fish, beans and fresh vegetables. Finally, increase your water intake to help push toxins through your body and out of your skin.
  2. Remove your makeup before bed. – Always take the time to remove your makeup and the dirt from your face that may be clogging your pores before you go to bed. Your skin will be fresher in the morning.
  3. Get extra sleep. – More sleep will increase your circulation, bringing more blood and color into your skin. In addition, your body rejuvenates your skin overnight while you are sleeping, so the more time you give your body to work, the better your skin will look.
  4. Exfoliate regularly. – Enlarged pores are some of the biggest detractors from a bright complexion. When your pores are full of dirt, oil and dead skin cells, they look larger and your skin looks rougher. By using a gentle exfoliator, once a week, you will clear out that gunk and reinvigorate your new cell production. This will lead to softer and more luminous skin.
  5. Always moisturize. – After you have exfoliated, your skin may be drier and more likely to be damaged. Use moisturizer or emulsion skin care daily to lock hydration into your skin, improving the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles with softer skin.
  6. Avoid touching your face. – Every time you touch your face, you are adding dirt and bacteria to your skin. If you pick at or even just apply pressure to a pimple, it will become inflamed and incur more distress to your skin. These actions will just make your skin look worse.
  7. Wear sunscreen. – Most wrinkles and dry skin are caused by sun damage. Wear sunscreen every time you are outside to improve your skin tone.

    Try to buy skin care products in Singapore or online to help you get better-looking skin on your face and body. You will glow, and your skin will look brighter and more luminous in just a few weeks if you follow these simple tips.