How would you describe your place of employment? Is it lively and entertaining or is it completely drudgery? Keeping office staff happy is the key to boosting efficiency. If employees are satisfied with their work environment, it shows in the quality of their work.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a staff of 10 or an international corporation. If you want to increase productivity and employee morale high, here are a few interesting and fun ways to go about it.

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Businesspeople throwing basketball in the office

A breath of Fresh Air

Everything changes outdoors. Our moods are brighter, and we feel less confined and constricted. If possible, take the next staff meeting to another level and have it outside. A healthy dose of sunshine improves everyone’s outlook and will break up the monotony of the boardroom.

Make Downtime Fun

Even though we are adults and in the workplace, we too need to relax. When work is current and there are a few moments to decompress, why not make the break room entertaining? Make ii a comfortable place for employees to chat when time permits. Consider redecorating so employees feel more inclined to go there instead of heading out on their own. Think pinball machine or karaoke.

Make Hump Day a Fun Day

Instead of waiting until Friday to grab a few cocktails, make Wednesday the day where employees brings in their secret recipe to share at lunch. Make it a causal dress day where they can wear whatever they want. Making employees feel like they can relax a bit increases overall productivity.

A Dose of Healthy Competition

Why not boost the incentive factor with fun contests each week? Engage employees to compete for the grand prize. For example, offer a paid lunch at their restaurant of choice or a paid day off to whoever arrives before upper management. Be inventive and use your imagination to keep employees happy.

Whether organizing group activities in Singapore or Washington, D.C., happy employees mean productive employees.