When your workers feel motivated, you’re likely to achieve heights you never thought possible. That’s because your business is fueled by their productivity, so reaching quotas and standards depend on your workers doing their best. For many employers, keeping a team of well-motivated employees is the most important function of a business, but isn’t necessarily the easiest. If you’ve ever performed an employee engagement survey analysis only to find that your workers are unhappy with the opportunities and treatment you’re giving, it’s probably time to think of a new management strategy. Find out how to inspire your workforce with these 2 effective methods that should get you on the right track.


  1. Coach Them – If you’ve ever struggled to achieve something, you probably already know how motivation can be greatly reduced when you keep trying something without success. Often, a worker who doesn’t meet metrics, quotas, or standards isn’t always incapable – sometimes, they’re just confused. Helping them out by providing them the necessary feedback and input will assist them to achieve goals and standards more efficiently. In doing this, you can make them feel more competent, thus giving them the confidence to tackle greater challenges later on. Be sure to use a firm and friendly tone when providing input so they don’t feel threatened, criticized, or incompetent.


  1. Reward Them – Rewards do a lot more than just recognize a job well done. B.F. Skinner, an American behaviorist, introduced the theory of operant conditioning, which is a tactic used by countless employers and HR specialists across the globe. Basically, this theory suggests that when good behaviors are rewarded, they’re more likely to recur. If bad behaviors are penalized, there is a higher chance that the action will no longer be repeated. By putting this simple strategy into action, you can reinforce good behaviors to further enhance motivation throughout your company. If your workers are conditioned into believing that a reward will be close at hand if they perform the way that you want them to, they’ll feel more compelled to do as you expect. Later on, this behavior becomes less of a reward-centered practice and more of an instinct, developing the right attitude in your employees even if there won’t be a reward.


What are you doing to keep your workers motivated? Sometimes, all it takes is a little understanding. Keep your workforce inspired to do their best and maximize returns by putting these simple strategies into action.