Everyone is comfortable working in a safe environment. Otherwise, no employee would be coming to work every morning. The following are a few simple tips you can use to keep the office safe at all times.

Ensure that the doors and windows closed563-5-how-choose-deadbolt-lock-door-1

It is very important to always lock the doors and windows whenever leaving the office. Use quality locks for the premises to reduce easy break-ins by criminals. Even when you are leaving the office for few minutes, it is very crucial that you properly lock the office before you leave.

When working late, it is important to tell your family where you are and keep all doors and windows locked. It is also important to seek guarding services from a person you trust to escort you to your car when working late.

Know who enters and leaves your office

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The people you allow to enter or leave the office may be criminals. People who do not belong to the office can be the people who often steal or are there to plan a robbery. If you do not recognize a person, always ask them identify themselves and say the reason they are there.

Also enforce a “No Go Zone” policy for outsiders. If you use ID badges to access the office, it is crucial that you protect it and do not lend it to strangers. Always verify the ID of people who frequently come to repair or clean the office.

Set up an office security system that only allows authorized people to enter the office. This includes the use of password, finger prints and cards.

Keep your personal items safely


Always keep your cell phones, tablets, wallets, handbags and other valuables in a place where no one else can reach. It is easy to steal such items without noticing who stole them. If possible, lock away these items in a drawer or a safe.

Always lock your computer when not around to prevent people from snooping through your work file. This will keep off thieves who seek to steal important information.Use a modern security device to lock big office equipment like computers, laptops and typewriters. In addition, make a list of important descriptions of your office equipment like the model and serial numbers.

Report any suspicious person

In case you get a phone call from an unknown person, hang up and notify the police. Any suspicious person who poses danger to you must be immediately reported to avoid insecurity.


Always have a clean desk when having meetings with clients in your office

A clean desk promotes the security of confidential information. A single sheet of paper can carry risks of disclosing customer names, password, usernames and phone numbers. It is important to keep a clean desk because anyone can be looking for that important information.desk


Have a security guard

Hire a professional security guard from a company that offers guarding services. A guard will protect the company from external risks during the day ad at night. The premises will always be safe even when you are not around.

The above office security tips will always keep your office safe.