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It is important to review office safety tips every so often. We tend to get complacent when day after day the same routine is done. Before an actual breach it’s important to have time to check office safety.

With an intrusion detection system, keeps unwanted visitors out of areas they don’t have permission to go. Security is important as well as safety for office personnel.

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Most injuries happen in the office from unnecessary slips and falls. Tying to carry more than capable and not having a complete view of the walking area is one way to trip and fall. Just a misplaced stool or chair and the electrical cords or wires can be a hazard. It’s important to be on constant awareness of your surroundings. Don’t leave it to someone else to take care of it, go ahead and close the filing cabinet drawers and anything someone could run into. A few more reminders to refresh your safety awareness:


  • Open one drawer at a time of a filing cabinet to keep it from tipping forward


  • Stairs are healthy but use the rails provided


  • Note any floors that may be wet or slippery


  • Keep liquids and food away from the computer keyboard, no one means to have a spill, but it happens


  • Refrain from running in the office unless it’s to save a life


  • Never read or look over documents while walking this includes texting

If You See A Problem – Make Sure It’s Reported To The Right Person

Believe it or not, everyone has a responsibility to keep the office area safe. There are some common sense things that you could keep in mind. The toilet is leaking water and the floors in the restroom is not safe. You may see the loose flooring, but your co-worker may not and trip, report it in writing. The simple action of replacing burned out light fixtures can help prevent an accident. Office furniture that is broken is not safe and should be fixed or replaced. Keeping the trashcans in a certain area prevents stumbling over them one busy day. If it’s out of place, you put it back in its place.

With today’s awareness of office attacks, it’s certainly safe to report anyone who you haven’t seen before that is lingering around. That old saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is a good one to remember. Have a security alert system in place to allow co-workers aware of a potential threat.

Today office systems are included when it comes to high-tech entrance iris recognition. Not only computers and office doors use this system, but being able to enter the building with this procedure is certainly safer.

You spend hours of your day in the office, it can be a safer place by following a few safety rules. Don’t put off reporting a safety hazard, shut it if you open it and don’t wait on someone else to do it. Being safe is everyone’s business.