TOne of the things that a bride-to-be must carefully plan for is her own wedding dress. Most women would often go for their own customized and freshly made wedding gown from well-known designers and couturiers. From long trails and veils to laces, beads and diamonds studded to make a wedding gown extra special, each bride can definitely feel elegantly beautiful on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

However, as much as many women want to have their own wedding dress made exclusively for them, some maybe are running on a really tight budget for their wedding and may not be able to make this happen.

If you’re having this dilemma, you don’t really have to worry as there are dozens of ways on how you can have that beautiful wedding gown without splurging your hard-earned money. Here, let’s explore 3 ways on how you can walk down the aisle in Singapore without spending too much on your dress:1

  1. Something blue, something borrowed An old English tradition dictates that a bride must bring with her during the wedding something old, something blue, something new, and something borrowed as good luck charm. Why not borrow a wedding dress from your mother, sister, friend or any close relative if you can’t afford to have your own? In fact, other families make it as their own tradition to pass on their wedding dresses to their daughters also for good luck.2
  2. Lease a gown Many bridal shops offer wedding gown rental in Singapore, and this is a wise choice to solve this problem. Not only will you save so much money, you can also choose from thousands of beautiful gowns and dresses readily available in these rental shops. When you rent a gown, the alterations and some embellishments you might want to be added will come very handy as well.3
  3. Buy a nice but cheap dress Elegance and style don’t always equate to price, and a good shopper always comes home with a good find. If you look into bargains and sale events in malls, you will definitely catch something simple but perfect for you on your wedding day.

Every woman’s dream is to walk down the aisle and be the most radiant bride she could ever be, and not only does she long for a handsome groom waiting for her at the altar, but a bride wishes for a beautiful and perfect wedding gown on this special day as well. The 3 tips mentioned above will help brides get the right wedding gown and experience the perfect wedding day.