Everyone wants to believe that their home or business is safe from burglars, vandals and other unwelcome intruders who seek to access this space with malicious intent. In an ideal world, this would be the case, but the world is far from ideal. Anybody who is determined to break into your home knows that Neighbourhood Watch Zone parameters are in place and will use more sophisticated tactics to beat the NWZ system. The only way to deter such persons is by use of a high-tech security system.

The same security apparatus used in home security systems are used to secure businesses. Integrating an intrusion detection system makes security system more effective. Available intruder detection techniques include:

• Intelligent motion detection
• Microwave detectors
• Radio Frequency intruder alarms
• Photoelectric light beams
• Iris recognition technology
The Different Security Mechanisms

Intelligent motion detection works both indoors and outdoors and uses advanced sensors to detect movement and trigger an alarm. Advanced fusion technology for sensor data is used to reduce false alarms, giving the system 99% reliability.

Photoelectric light beams use the same sensor technology to detect motion in the outdoors. They are best used for perimeter control.

Microwave detectors and radio frequency use electromagnetic energy and radio wave respectively to detect motion and trigger an alert. Largely tamper-proof and hard to detect, these provide a high level of intruder detection. They have long range properties and can be used to secure area.

Iris recognition uses pattern-recognition to identify the unique patterns of the iris and allow access to pre-authorized individuals. This type of security gives the highest level of security in places where unauthorized access is prohibited.
Security with Interactive Monitoring 


Modern security systems are developed using the latest technologies and software. They have a high intruder detection threshold and round-the-clock monitoring schedule. Many systems also have room temperature sensors, smoke sensors, and carbon dioxide detectors. Using these indicators, the system sets off the alarm when there is a fire.

What makes these security systems indispensable, however, is the fact that they are automated and can be controlled remotely. A security system with home automation allows you to view video surveillance of your home on your Smartphone or another web-enabled device. You can also remotely control your home’s lighting and things like the thermostat and locks.

The onus to keep your home and business secure lies with you. Identifying the weak links in your existing security arrangement enables you to determine the best security system for your home or business.