Caring for a used car takes a little more effort than maintaining a new car. You have to be more aware of small problems and more attentive to standard maintenance needs. Taking the right steps can really make a difference. This 6-point maintenance checklist will help to keep your second-hand car running for as long as possible.

1: Clean the Car Often

The outside of your used car is very important for many reasons. The exterior is also one of the parts of the car that will be exposed to the most hazards. You need to clean a second-hand car often. Try to clean the vehicle once every week or two. Removing acidic dust and debris from the outside will keep the car looking attractive and improve fuel efficiency. It also prevents corrosion that could expose internal parts to danger.

2: Clean Under the Hood

Take some time every one to two months to clean under the hood. You want to keep the battery clean. You can use water and baking soda or a special spray from a store. This will prevent corrosion in key connections. You also want to wipe down the belts and hoses. If you keep the parts under the hood clean, then the car will last longer and experience fewer problems over time.

3: Check the Tires Every Month

You need to pay attention to the tires on a used car. The tires can do a large amount of damage to the car if they are not properly maintained. Check the air pressure once a month and keep it at the suggested level for the vehicle. Take the car in for a tire rotation periodically so the treads wear evenly. You also need to have the tires aligned at least once a year to protect the brakes and transmission.

4: Consider Installing a Cold Air Intake

Some older cars can benefit from an improved air intake system. This addition will allow extra air to enter the engine so that combustion is more efficient. The result will be increased horsepower and a cleaner engine. A cold air intake will fit on most second-hand cars. The good thing about adding a cold air intake is that most can be installed on the vehicle quickly with nothing more than a screwdriver.

5: Change the Oil Regularly

After you find and purchase a used car for sale, you need to remain aware of the state of the oil in the engine. Check the oil regularly especially if you drive long distances every day. If the oil starts to appear overly thick or filled with debris, then you need to drain and replace it right away. Change the oil according to the manufacturer recommendations without fail to protect the engine.

6: Do Not Forget Annual Tune-Ups

Do not forget to take your car to a professional service station for a tune-up every year. An annual tune-up will fix small problems and calibrate the various parts of the car so that it is running exactly as intended. This reduces wear on the parts. Annual tune-ups are the best way to keep your used car running for years to come.

You want to get the most from what you invest in a used vehicle. You are going to get a better return on investment if the car lasts for years or decades after the purchase. These tips will help you to maintain the car for the longest amount of time possible.