Few travel destinations in the world can compete with the beauty and charm of Rome. Italy’s capital, and the fourth-largest city in Europe, Rome boasts an impressive number of landmarks and historical attractions. Additionally, travellers are pleased to discover that Rome vacation rentals are available to suit essentially any taste or budget. Sightseeing in this outstanding metropolis is typically an unforgettable experience, as Rome offers a mesmerising combination of both ancient and modern landmarks. Below are some favourite attractions that all visitors should place on their must-see list:

image18The Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of Rome’s most famous landmarks. Overflowing with visitors on a daily basis, the Roman Coliseum was the nation’s primary gladiator arena for thousands of years. To the amazement of travellers and local residents alike, its basic structure has been maintained for centuries. It is open 365 days a year.

capitoline-hillCapitoline Hill

Rome’s ancient government headquarters is located on Capitoline Hill, the latter of which is another of the city’s architectural wonders. The area that surrounds this ornate Roman building makes up the Municipal Square. Modern archaeologists are still in the process of making great discoveries in the grounds nearby the ancient building. Also located at Capitoline Hill is the Church of Saint Mary, which features an extraordinary statue of Christ and spectacular murals. Visitors are welcome at all times, and those who work in the area are usually willing to stop and answer tourists’ questions.

PantheonFrontThe Pantheon

Similar to the Coliseum, the Pantheon has stood the test of time. It is another of Italy’s renowned religious structures, and is regarded by numerous individuals as one of the most impressive architectural sites in the world. Initially designed by Marcus Agrippa in 27BC, the Pantheon was originally built to honour various Roman gods, but it was not until 610 AD that it was consecrated as a religious cathedral. A great place for photo opportunities, this attraction can be toured throughout the year, with or without a guide.

vatican-city-pic1Vatican City

The Vatican is difficult to describe with mere words, and therefore many travellers hold the opinion that it must be experienced. Wondrous to behold, with its intricate designs and ornate decor, it is wise for visitors to devote a full day to experience the powerful ambiance and mystery of this breathtaking architectural wonder.

120858-004-6B80730FThe Baths of Caracalla

Anyone visiting Rome should place the Baths of Caracalla on his or her must-see list. This celebrated landmark has long been one of Italy’s most popular attractions. Located in Rome’s ancient social centre at the southern end of the city, this extensive collection of red brick buildings were designed thousands of years ago and are still a top tourist attraction today. This large complex of open air rooms covers almost 30 acres and could accommodate over 1500 individuals at one time when first constructed.

The cathedrals and landmarks mentioned are just a sample of the myriad attractions for which this ancient Italian city is famous. Fortunately, the ideal Rome vacation rentals are not difficult to find, but travellers are wise to make reservations far in advance. Regardless of an individual’s holiday objectives, sightseeing in Rome is guaranteed to be both fun and exciting for visitors of all ages and from all walks of life.