For centuries man has used wooden furniture for its great accessibility, flexibility and ease of use. Some of the world’s most ancient historical sites have produced wooden pieces that are both functional and extremely intricate.

Today, with our access to all sorts of materials, and industrialized machinery, wooden furniture still continues to top sales around the world for it’s timeless quality of elegance and beauty.
Whether a person is considering a small kitchen table or large dining room furniture, there are many aspects to consider when buying your wooden furniture to make sure you are getting a timeless piece.


Type of Wood and it’s Finish

Although wooden furniture can greatly enhance your home or work space, not all wood is created equal. Be sure to consider quality and finish in your purchase. In addition, some wood can withstand outdoor use and moisture while some would quickly disintegrate. Another factor to consider is whether the wood is a composite or is a solid make. This not only affects durability but also looks. Finally, the type of wood will determine how light or heavy the piece of furniture is, so if it is a piece you will move often, be sure you are picking a type of wood that will be lighter and more durable to withstand the moves.




The amount of work that goes into a handmade piece of furniture can greatly affect the cost. Depending on your budget, you might want to look into intricate pieces of furniture that are not hand made. They may not be as unique, but they can still be artistic and beautiful. Before you buy, be sure to consider all your options. International options can still be affordable and provide exquisite pieces like the furniture in Singapore.



Quality vs. Quantity

If you are on a budget, you might want to consider getting one well-made and good quality piece, rather than a number of cheaper ones you will need to replace sooner any way. This not only elevates the standard of your furniture but increases the elegance of your home as a whole.



Colour of your Wood

The colour of your wood and it’s finish can add volumes to it’s beauty, not to mention, matching the overall décor of your home. For cheaper and older types of wood, a new coat of paint or finish can do wonders. For higher quality types of wood, interior designers have highlighted the beauty of leaving it natural. Rather than mask natural wood patterns by painting the wood or using a heavy finish, furniture pieces can be left as they are or sanded down, treated and minimally stained. This creates an extremely elegant and tasteful touch to your space. It also makes it easier to fit into the colour scheme and existing décor. This is another reason wooden furniture is very versatile in its use. If you ever decide to change your colour scheme, the wooden furniture you own can be refinished to match your new design.