Teambuilding can be viewed as both an art and science. While creativity plays a huge role in making it fun, there’s a science behind the process to ensure that you get high returns on your investment. If you are devising teambuilding activities for your organization, there are some tips to remember.




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  • Leave the corporate stuff at the door

The most effective teambuilding activities are the ones that succeed in making the employees feel that it’s not work at all. Regardless of how important leadership lessons are, activities that focus too much on the “stiff” and “boring” stuff are often the least productive.





  • Focus on strengthening connections

Even though they see each other everyone, chances are, many don’t have the chance to connect with their colleagues on a personal level. We can’t blame them. Use this time to encourage folks to share common experiences and interests with their teammates.





  • Go beyond the buffet

While treating your hardworking employees to a scrumptious buffet dinner is a good idea, go beyond the usual food trick and look for activities that fuse both bonding and eating. For something really interesting, bring the whole team and try Art Jam in Singapore to bring out that inner Picasso. Painting can also help stressed out employees to relax, even the ones who can’t draw a straight line.




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  • Be consistent

Strong teams are not built in a day so ensure that team building activities are a regular occurrence in the workplace. This sense of routine will create a more positive and more fun atmosphere at the office, leading people to look forward to them.




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Build Teams That Last

We all know that keeping high productivity and collaboration in the workplace are crucial to the team’s success. Happy employees are engaged employees. High engagement levels work wonders for the entire organization. So the next time you’re thinking of what to do in your next teambuilding event, check the tips above and create a super fun and prolific affair.