Generally an individual that is living in Southeast Asia spends much of their time at work. When it comes to office jobs individual generally spend anywhere from 35 to 50 hours in the office a week. Since that is the case, it is very important for individuals that are working at a job to work together as a team. Working as a team is not something that does not always come automatically at the workplace. It requires that those individuals that are in managerial positions take important steps in order to have their team come together.

Quite often office jobs can be stressful, and a good supervisor does well to initiate meetings and team building games that can help individuals at the job place to relax and also enjoy their time together. It is possible to make fun, and exciting, team building games.

What Are Some Good Team Building Games In Singapore?

The Tower:

The tower is a teambuilding game in which different groups are separated and given a few simple tools. The object of the game is to make a tower and to get the tower to be as high as it possibly can go. Each team is given a designated amount of time, when the time runs out, and then each individual team can see who built the highest tower. This is an exercise that requires a lot of teamwork; because the team has to work together in order to keep the tower up while it is being built. After the game has finished then all members of the team should work together to talk about what they liked about the the activity, and what they appreciated about how their team worked together.

Word Scramble:

A word scramble may seem like something that is very simple, but in reality it can be difficult. In order to play the game, divide co-workers up into groups of four or five and then give each of them sets of words that they have to decipher. There is one person that can be the referee, and each team has to work together to go down a list of words that are all scrambled up. The first team to successfully unscramble all the words on the list is the team that wins. This is definitely a team building exercise because it encourages all members of the team to work together in order to make one common word.

effort to do team building games in Singapore

Why We Need to Work as a Team

In this day and age many individuals in Singapore are under a lot of stress from interior and exterior sources. Since that is the case, the workplace should be a place of organization, tranquillity, and camaraderie. All co-workers should feel like they are working together as teammates and not as rivals. It is up to upper management to make sure that the workplace fosters contentment and a team spirit. By putting effort to do team building games in Singapore, the workplace can run like a well-oiled machine. It becomes a place where individuals feel like they are cared about and appreciated.