dry eyes facts


The dry eye is a medical condition that is common to aging people over 65 years. The condition results in insufficient eye tears that are necessary to lubricate on nourish the eye. The importance of tears in the eyes is a clear vision. The condition is not completely curable but also depends on the cause. Major eye centres helps the patient to manage the situation successfully. Dry eye is one of the common eye problems more common with aged people. Among the dry has various causes but below are the most common.


dry eyes



the condition is more prevalent in people to aged people than the young. Research associates it with the aging process. The majority of the people with the condition are usually above 65 years of age.



the dry eye is more prevalent in women than in men. The hormone changes are more frequent in women due to pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and menopause.



Certain medications are associated with causing the dry eye condition as side effects. The most common are blood pressure and antidepressants drugs. The others include decongestants and antihistamines. These drugs result in reduced tears in the eye.


tired eyesEnvironment

the environmental conditions that the patient is living in may be the primary cause of dry eye. They include environments with high smoke exposure wind. Dry climates also cause eye tears evaporation causing dry eye. Other artificial conditions include the use of computers and TV screen for a long time.


Medical sickness

some medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetics are associated with dry eyes. Others like eye inflammation problem with the eyes or eye surfaces are also a major contributor to dry eyes.


Some other factors that include use of contact lenses for a long time and some eye surgery procedure like LASIK also contribute to dry eyes. The eye clinics in Singapore employ various treatment methods to treat dry eye problem. Depending on the cause doctors may prescribe necessary treatment option like artificial tears. The artificial eye tears are prescribed for situational causes like computer use and schoolwork. The artificial tears are available as over the counter prescription but doctor’s input before them is necessary.


Other treatment options available for treating the dry eye condition include the lipiflow treatment that is recommended for twelve minutes per eye. The patients using Lipiflow include a tear film that is hard to evaporate.


lipiflow treatment

the lipiflow treatment