Scientific evidence has shown that regular exercise has many health and physical benefits. Besides helping you stay physically active, people who perform regular physical activities have been shown to have lower risk of contracting cancer, dementia, diabetes type 2, osteoarthritis, heart disease and early death. However, the process of getting and staying healthy is often fraught with challenges which can only be overcome by discipline and consistency.

Below is a list of tips for losing weight and staying healthy:
0x6001. Exercise regularly
Performing regular exercise is critical in maintaining overall fitness. To achieve all round proper fitness, many fitness and weight loss experts recommend that every adult person perform at least 30 minutes of exercise, 4 days a week.

z9e1cpo22vaze4qr2qi02. Change your workout intensity
If you want to attain optimal fitness results during your workout, adjust the resistance on your strength machine from one level of resistance to the other. You can also add weights on your wrist and ankles to attain total intensity training.

Three people working out with keetlebells in a crossfit gym

Three people working out with keetlebells in a crossfit gym

3. Combine cardiovascular and resistant exercises
Cardiovascular exercises and resistance training is highly recommended for people who want to achieve significant weight loss. Resistance training helps tone the body muscles to wade off excess fat while cardiovascular training helps burn fat.

healthy-eating-diet4. Eat healthy diets and follow nutrition advice
Eating healthy is the backbone of every training program because food provides the fuel needed to attain fitness goals. The body also needs adequate hydration and proper nutrition balance to ensure proper health. Eating healthy is also important because poor nutrition balance can affect the quality of your workout. Healthy foods include an array of organic foods as well as vegetables, complex proteins, fruits and healthy fats such as flaxseeds and fish oils.

1868758_1437668171Important fitness and weight loss precautions
The challenge many people face when undertaking fitness and weight loss training is learning how to burn body fat and lose weight in the long-term. For instance, whereas aerobic exercises can help you burn fat fast, the body’s normal rate of metabolism often returns to pre-exercise levels in only a few minutes thus rendering your efforts to lose weight almost unattainable. According to Fitness First Singapore, some of the common weight loss and fitness mistakes you must avoid in order to ensure lasting results include:

• Using incorrect exercising techniques
• Holding your breath for too long when working out
• Not taking enough water
• Focusing your training on only one part of your body
• Performing exercises on an empty stomach
• Not seeking professional advice

It is important to note that you can achieve quick weight loss and fitness results by combining a number of exercises or routines; for example, aerobic exercise with regular strength training or resistance exercise with right amounts of rest. There are many gyms in Singapore equipped with different training aids that support strength training, aerobic exercises and interval training among other fitness regimens. Gym trainers also provide critical advice that can go a long way to help you stay healthy and fit.